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BlackLine Insights provides real time, actionable benchmarking, intelligence, and analysis of your accounting and finance operations. It empowers accounting and finance leaders to measure and continually improve upon the efficiency of their period-end accounting activities and other key processes. It leverages the world’s largest set of accountancy process-execution data, information that has never been gathered or available before. As a result, clients analyze how their accounting team performs compared to specific benchmarks and continuously improve operations.

Over 130,000 users from more than 1,300 companies of all sizes and industries use BlackLine software solutions to streamline and automate period-end and other accounting processes. Accountants around the world are reconciling accounts, posting journal entries, and executing tasks every period in BlackLine. Insights takes this information, anonymizes it, and turns it into actionable intelligence, enabling CFOs and Controllers to see how their team, department, and company stack up against different industries, geographies, and company sizes across KPIs specific to accounting and finance operations.

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Unprecedented Visibility for Accounting and Finance

With BlackLine Insights, you will literally see the productivity gains that you get from implementing BlackLine software. Insights complements BlackLine’s Dashboards and Enhanced Reporting, which are views into current financial close and period-end accounting processes, with deep operational analytics. Stats such as average number of completed assignments, on-time completion percent, average reconciliation rejection rate, auto-reconciliation rate, and many more provide you with unprecedented visibility into your accounting operations.

Benchmark Your Accounting Process

BlackLine Insights provides comparative analysis and benchmarking to help companies continually improve internal processes through data-driven decisions. Unlike survey-based benchmarking, Insights uses real data from the actions taken by 130,000 users and enables comparison against other organizations based on industry, region, business size, and more. Insights delivers intelligence that is actionable and can truly be used to stay ahead.

Improve Processes and Optimize Resources

Insights is a solution for accounting and finance teams to constantly monitor and modernize their processes. It facilitates analysis of the accounting teams’ performance within an organization. These analytics, specifically focused on internal accounting practices, will help clients better understand their own processes, workload, individual performance, and more.

Integrated Across the BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation Platform

The BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation platform is the world’s most trusted technology for finance and period-end accounting automation. BlackLine Insights integrates with all BlackLine solutions to deliver the only complete Enhanced Finance Controls & Automation platform that provides benchmarks tailored to accounting and finance.

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