Real time visibility and control.

Techpartners ME offers consulting, implementation, support and upgrade services on Smartstream’s Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) platform. TLM is Smartstream’s trademarked approach to solving operational processing challenges by understanding the end-to-end transaction flow – from trade inception to settlement. Improved automation and visibility are delivered by independent operational controls and a systematic approach.


Through SmartStream’s innovation and investment in the latest technology, customers are able to build scalable, flexible processes that bring real time visibility and control to operations.


TLM solutions do not force the replacement of legacy systems, instead they leverage core capabilities and protect clients’ investments, retiring only those areas of weakness whilst integrating and adding to existing processing capabilities. In so doing, TLM solutions empower complex processing requirements across the front, middle and back-office.The TLM solution suite is available as a single architecture which enables ease of deployment, low IT costs and ease of data reporting across all solutions.


TechPartners ME works closely with SmartStream’s product and consulting teams to deliver seamlessly on the TLM platform.

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Corona Healthcheck Assessment

Our Corona consultants utilize their experience and expertise on the platform to ensure that customers currently using Corona for their enterprise reconciliations are leveraging the full benefits of what the solution has to offer. From making sure that the system is updated to cater to changes in the surrounding IT environment, resulting in better matching rates, fewer open items and optimum levels of automation, to ensuring complete utilization of Corona's latest features, a healthcheck can ensure maximum benefits from your existing investments in Corona.

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Corona Implementation

Having partnered with SmartStream on Corona implementations across several clients since 2011, TechPartners is the most experienced company delivering Corona across the region. Our implementation services are comprehensive and our consultants are trained and experienced on various modules like cash, cards, securities, confirmations, investigations, universal data, inter-system and Corona intra-day liquidity management.

Our consultants have not only extended implementation services on the Corona platform, but have also provided customers with various business needs around customized reporting around their reconciliation and investigation requirements

—TechPartners understands that effective operational control is critical to minimizing risks and achieving greater operational stability for banks and organizations. We follow an iterative model on implementations, one that focuses on developing stakeholder consensus in addressing key business  and regulatory prerogatives and developing solutions to deliver to those outcomes.

Our approach involves prototype development, validation of requirements and shortening the cycle times for testing.

Corona Upgrades

Your upgrade to the latest version of Corona need not be a complex and costly affair. With a vast experience of upgrading various users of Corona to latest releases, we can make sure that we ensure a smooth transition between versions, taking into account any challenges arising out of connected systems and enhancements done since the standard installation. Our upgrade services come bundled with adequate testing, training and post go-live support.

Application Support Services

—We offer a comprehensive set of application and production support services on TLM Corona. Our application support consultants ensure effective— coordination with teams to address complex application and  system issues, administer and resolve application issues, provide updates and perform root cause analysis. They supervise all alerts related to application and system procedures and provide services proactively. In addition, they perform root cause assessment and debug all issues on server domain, provide support and identify all issues and prepare appropriate documentation on all issues and solutions provided. They can also manage all production systems and recommend ways to optimize performance and provide solution to problems and prepare reports for all problems.