Employee Testimonials

TechPartners’ outstanding company culture and values allow for all employees to feel as they belong and this is important to me as it gave me the freedom of thinking. One of the best things about working at TechPartners is the openness to new ideas.


I joined TechPartners in 2014 as a Senior Technical Consultant and not only got wide opportunities to use my technical skills but also learnt new technologies which boosted my career. Working with TechPartners lead to a global platform wherein I got the chance to share my knowledge with international clients



—  Rajashekhar Pillai, Senior Manager, Implementations & Technology

Work with us

Our consultants work with the best in class - world-class products from leading global companies, domain consultants with experience across large global banks, clients who are invested in fast-paced growth and cutting edge technology, and fellow consultants who carry a broad range of technical and functional experience across multiple banking areas.

Growth Opportunities

We provide our consultants with a well defined growth opportunity. Our HR philosophy recognizes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to career growth, and therefore we have a well structured mentoring system in place to assess and support the career needs of each of our consultants.


At TechPartners, we encourage entrepreneurial thinking which, to our belief, provides the best breeding ground for innovation. As an organization, we are committed to providing the right environment and opportunities for our consultants to nurture and develop themselves.


  • Working with world class solutions

  • Significant investments into training of our consultants across product, domain and technology areas

  • We ensure all consultants get significant experience in working directly with our customers, thus helping in collaborative learning

  • International opportunities for our consultants on projects outside their home country

  • Industry leading compensation and benefits plan

  • A non-hierarchical environment which fosters expression of ideas and discussion

We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional candidates to join our growing teams. To learn more about our current openings, check out the TechPartners Consulting company page on LinkedIn and follow us.